Pros and Cons of Containerization

Containerization is a means of transport whereby containers are used to transport goods from one place to another. This reduces congestion and time involved in loading and offloading if the ships. It also reduces the risks of theft.

When using containerization there is standardization hence good commodities are the ones that can be transported to other places.

Pros and Cons of Containerization

Pros of Containerization

  1. Easy to transport bulky goods

When transporting goods through containers it is easy to transport a large amounts of goods as they reduced to a size that can fit in a container hence easy to transport bulky goods.

  1. Less costly

This is possible whereby the goods that could be transported for about twenty times are made to fit in the container and transported at once hence cutting the cost of moving up and down for twenty times.

  1. Standardization

Goods that are put into containers are standardized which is advantageous. The standardized goods have decreased volume, they are of high quality, and their costs are relatively low hence easy to be transported through the containers.

  1. Reduces the risk of breakages

When goods are packed and put in containers cannot easily be broken hence fewer risks of breakages.

  1. Minimal theft cases

Goods that are packed in small sizes are easier to count hence it is not easy for someone to steal as the order will be specified in number and from the packing itself it is not easier for someone to unpack and take some of the goods without someone noticing.

  1. Easy to evaluate goods for export

Due to standardization, it is easy to evaluate goods that are made to be exported and imported as they are already packed well.

Cons of containerization

  1. Complexity

It is a complex way of transporting goods. This is because goods are made to reduce in volume so that they can be transported.

  1. Costly

It is expensive to acquire containers and also the process of reducing the volume of the goods hence it needs a lot of money to be used as a means of transport.

  1. It requires professionals to do the packing

Packing the goods and reducing them in volume requires some skills for them to be packed well hence costly on the side of the company.

  1. Creates unemployment for people

Loading and offloading containers are much easier hence it needs a few people to do the work which renders many people jobless as a result of that.

  1. Can only transport some goods

Some goods cannot be transported in containers hence it is only good for some types of goods which makes it not really good means of transporting goods.

  1. Risks of loss

In case there is an accident and the container does not reach the destination then there will be a large loss as a lot of goods are reduced in volume and packed for transportation hence there will be a great loss as a lot of goods will be damaged.


Transporting goods through containers is best for transporting bulky goods because they are made to be small in quantity hence most people prefer it when they want to transport goods that are bulky.

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