16 Big Pros and Cons of Computer Networking

Computer networking is a group of computers that uses a set of common communication protocols over digital interconnections for the purpose of sharing resources. The resource shared is a connection to the internet. Other resources include printer or file server.

They have communication speed, file sharing, reliability, security, scalability, software, and hardware sharing. Back and rollback is easy while using computer networking.

Pros and Cons of Computer Networking

Pros of Computer Networking

  1. Easy to back up data

As all files are stored on the file server, the data can be backed up easily and the user may be able to retrieve the data I case there is power loss without saving it hence not easy for someone to lose his or her data.

  1. It boosts storage capacity

As the computers are linked to the file server, the user is able to have a lot of space to store his or her information and this may make it possible for the user to store a lot of information on the computer.

  1. Easy to share software products

The users can be able to utilize the software products on the market as it can be shared among various work stations hence reducing the cost of buying the software products for every work station.

  1. It is cheap

Once it is installed, there is no need to keep on changing and this may make the users save a lot as they will buy it once and share with others. The cost will be distributed among the members who are willing to use it and it will become cheaper.

  1. Flexible

It gives the user opportunity to explore things such as software without affecting their functionality and this may make hence very convenient for many people.

  1. Easy to share files

When people are working for the same organization, they can easily share files and this would make communication in the organization to be fast as someone does not need to walk to get the report from a certain department.

  1. It allows communication and availability of information

The information will be available for everyone at the right time as it will be shared easily hence communication becomes easier in an organization.

  1. There will be resource sharing

Resources such as printers and copiers can easily be shared hence making good use of the available resources which may turn out to be cheaper on the side of the company.

  1. Easy to protect the system

If the system is properly secured, then it can be protected and people will not be able to hack into the system and cause destruction.

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Cons of Computer Networking

  1. High initial set up cost

It is expensive for the computers to be installed and be connected with the same network. This may be costly to buy computers and to install them.

  1. It requires a skilled person

For the computers to work properly, they will need a skilled person and this may incur the company the cost of hiring people who have the skills to operate the computers.

  1. Workers may be distracted

Providing workers with the internet at the work station may distract their working making them not be competent in their work.

  1. There may be a risk of computer viruses

Viruses may attack one computer and spread to the rest and this may be costly to the company to format all the computers in order to remove the viruses.

  1. It limits peoples’ independence

People will tend to rely on computers much hence they will not put in the effort to work without computers.

  1. It inhibits creativity

People will not be able to come up with other creative ways of dealing with an issue and this will make innovations not to come up in the family hence not easy to improve in its working.

  1. Security difficulties

As people will be saving their work in the same common server, it may not be possible for someone to have security over his or her work as it can be accessed by everyone.

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Computer networking may be good in an organization as it will enable efficiency and fast delivery of information. The drawbacks are to be handled with a little concern as they may also make the working not to be effective in an organization.


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