25 Important Pros and Cons of Communism

Communism is a theory or system of organization in which all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs. It is aimed to replace private property and a profit-based economy with public ownership and communal control of the major means of production and natural resources in the society.

Pros and Cons of Communism

Pros of Communism

  1. Leads to a stable economy

When there are a pandemic or terror attacks, it can make the economy of a country to go down. For instance, since the emergence of COVID-19, most countries are dealing with economic issues. When there is communism, the economy will always be stable as the government dictates the economic structure hence there will be no economic instability.

  1. Equality in terms of gender

In communist societies, women are supported for them to rise to the same levels as men and this brings in gender balance. Women in the United States have been fighting for their rights for them to be treated equally as men. When there is communism, the government comes in to ensure that women are treated equally as men.

  1. Reduces competition

When there is communism, there will be little competition among individuals as everyone has the opportunity to work and make money and this reduces enmity among individuals and it results in harmonious living in the society.

  1. No cultural ideologies

As people live as one, there are no cultural ideologies whereby a certain culture is considered superior to others hence people will cooperate with one another hence unity in the society.

  1. No one is better than another

In a communist society, no one is better than another and this makes it possible for people to live in the same social class as there are no white-collar jobs and blue-collar jobs.

  1. The agriculture sector is emphasized

Most communist countries put a lot of emphasis on agricultural industries as it provides raw materials for other industries and also provides food that is used by people in the country.

  1. Education for all

In communist societies, it ensures that education is provided for everyone as the people are needed to work in different sectors and they need the knowledge to work there.

  1. Equal job opportunities

When there is communism, there are equal chances for everyone to get a job and this makes the economy of the country to be stable as the largest population is working hence able to pay taxes to the government.

  1. Equal chances to everyone

The chances of education and job are offered to everyone and this reduces the social class issues as everyone will be having equal opportunity hence difficult to create the social classes in the community.

  1. Free individuals from long working hours

The country gives individual freedom to do other things as they are freed from long working hours hence this can improve creativity and innovations in the country.

  1. It eliminates exploitation

Workers are protected in that they are not exploited by the employers and this makes everyone understand his or her rights at the workplace hence no exploitation by the employer.

Cons of Communism

  1. Unfair trial

In communist societies, their trial is unfair in that the government uses censorship, imprisonment, and suppression to deal with the lawbreakers which are harsh as compared to democratic countries.

  1. Television and the internet are limited

Citizens in a communist country, they are not free to turn on the television and choose any channel to watch or Google any information from the internet as the government controls what can be accessed by the members of the public.

  1. Education is controlled by the government

The government decides what should be taught to students in communist countries. This makes it possible for the government to decide to teach the students what they think will not go contrary to what they are doing hence no uprisings and demonstrations in the country.

  1. It does not allow liberty and pursuit of happiness

In communist countries, people are not allowed liberty and pursuit of happiness in that when someone has a dream he or she cannot pursue it. The happiness of the citizens depends on the government.

  1. Most jobs offered are in the agricultural sector

When someone is in a communist country and has a different career, it may be shut down since the most available job opportunities are in the agricultural sector and this makes them not train any other professionals hence denying people chances to access different careers.

  1. Citizens are not able to access their paychecks

In a communist country, everyone works but they are not able to access their paychecks. They are given a little amount to sustain them and the rest goes to the community.

  1. The citizens are not allowed to save

As they are given only what can sustain them, it becomes difficult for individuals to remain with some amount to save. If they happen to save it will belong to the government as inheritance is not allowed in such countries.

  1. There are high levels of poverty

As people are not allowed to something for themselves to be used later, then they live from hand to mouth hence the continue languishing in poverty.

  1. Earnings are limited

The amount of money someone is allowed to earn is limited. This affects the level of productivity as citizens do not work harder knowing that they will not gain anything from their hard work.

  1. Violent is prominent

As the citizens are controlled by the government very much, violence can erupt and this may cause more harm to each other and the government.

  1. Citizens do not access information

Citizens in these countries are not able to access any information and this makes them not know what is going on in their own country. They are only told what the government wants them to know.

  1. No opposition

In such countries, there is no opposition and this makes the government do what they want as there will be no questions as to why it was done so and this makes it difficult for the citizens to express their views.

  1. Human rights are restricted

Citizens are not allowed to pursue their own interests and this makes them do whatever that is provided to them. The jobs are assigned based on what the country needs and not what the citizens would like to do.

  1. Elimination of free market

In communist countries, there is no free market and this makes it difficult for business people to operate as the prices of the commodities are determined by the government whether the demand is high or not and this makes the entrepreneurs not earn a profit.


Communism is good when you consider the pros but to some extent, democracy defeats it as it has a lot of restrictions and this may make citizens suffer in their own country. For it to be implemented, then the government should work on the drawbacks first.




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