20 Key Pros and Cons of China One Child Policy

One child policy is an official policy initiated in china in order to curb high birth rates. This is to avoid socioeconomic and environmental problems that are experienced in china.

The government came up with the policy to control the population in China as it was unable to provide for the large population in the country.

Pros and Cons of China One Child Policy

Pros of One China One Child Policy

  1. It exempted the rural families

Rural families in china were exempted from the policy as the women may give birth to girls and they needed men who can do strenuous jobs so they were allowed to give birth to more than one child.

  1. Rewards were given to families that complied

The families that complied with the policy were rewarded to encourage many people to adopt the policy in order to reduce the birth rate in the country.

  1. It increased job opportunities

Many people were able to secure jobs as there was less competition and the majority of people were able to secure places to work hence meeting their needs.

  1. A better way of life for the child

When parents have one child they are able to provide a better life to the child as they can easily manage the needs of the child hence the child growing up well.

  1. It supports economic growth

When parents have one child, they are able to invest their resources in other areas hence improving the economy of the country.

  1. It altered the perception of women in the Chinese community

Women in the community understood that their work is not only to give birth. They could do other things to improve their lives hence it was embraced by most women.

  1. It allowed multiple births

When a woman would give rise to twins or triplets was exempted from the policy as the woman was allowed to raise the twins.

  1. Women were able to seek employment

This policy allowed women to move out and seek employment as they did not have the great responsibility for looking after the children hence improving the economy of the country.

  1. It reduced crime rates

When the population is high there will be risks of high crime rates as most people are idle hence they indulge in committing crimes to keep themselves busy.

  1. It improved infant medical services

The few children that were born were able to be catered for well and this helped reduce the child mortality rate.

Cons of China One Child Policy

  1. It targeted the poor more than the rich

The policy targeted the poor as it was seen as a burden to the government but the rich were allowed to have more than one child and this was unfair.

  1. A lot of money was used to implement the policy

The government of China used a lot of money to implement the policy and this was a waste of resources as the money could be used in other sectors of the economy.

  1. It led to many people giving birth outside the country

As the law was implemented in china alone, it led to people giving birth in other countries and this made the population of other countries rise.

  1. It violated the reproductive rights of an individual

The individuals were denied the right to give birth to the number of children they are able and this made some people feel oppressed by the law.

  1. It was not equally enforced

The law was not enforced on everyone and this made others feel that they were being denied equal chances to give birth.

  1. It created a burden for the aged

This made people give birth to the children and leave the responsibility to the aged of which it was a burden to them as they were not able to take good care of the children.

  1. Increase in adoption costs

The cost of adopting a child increased and this gave a burden to those who were not able to give birth and wanted to adopt a child.

  1. It made families prefer boy sex

This made a lot of families prefer boy children over the girls as they thought the boys were more important and had a lot of responsibilities when they grow up.

  1. Risk of catastrophe

The one-child could die leaving the parents childless and this really discouraged people hence they were not obeying the policy.

  1. It created mandatory contraception and sterilization

Contraception was mandatory and this had its own effects on the individuals that used them hence it was not a favorable way of controlling the population.


China’s one-child policy made the country grow economically as people were able to invest in more areas of the economy other than using all the resources to raise their own children.

It also led to more job opportunities as there was no competition because of the reduced population. The drawbacks have to be looked in to so that the whole population may see the need for a manageable population.

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