Pros and Cons of Cart Transport

Cart transport is a form of transport that a cart is designed in a vehicle way and has two wheels and normally pulled by either on or a pair of draught animals. There is a hand cart that is normally pulled by either one or two people.

The carts started being in use since the innovation of wheels as they are the ones that make it easy to move. They carry relatively large loads as compared to human transport.

Pros and Cons of Cart Transport

Pros of Cart Transport

  1. They do not require well-constructed roads

The carts can go through even areas that do not have good roads. They do not really need well-constructed roads for them to go through.

  1. They do not need fuel

The carts are pulled hence they do not require to be fueled for them to move. The donkey pulls the cart provided the donkey is healthy.

  1. Relatively cheap

As the donkey does not need any fuel for it to move, it makes it cheaper for the transport to take place. The wagon itself it is only made using the available resources such as pieces of wood, some nails and wheels and the wagon will be there ready to be used hence relatively cheap.

  1. Does not require professionals to make or pull

The carts can be pulled by any donkey. It does not need a qualified person to make the donkey pull the cart. The same applies to its construction whereby anyone can fix the wagon hence saves on the need for qualified services.

  1. The donkey can find its way home

The donkey can pull the cart back home in case the driver gets drunk and gets lost on the way hence a better means of transport.

  1. Does not require a legal permit

The owner of the cart does not require to be permitted by law for him or her to get to the next destination. As opposed to vehicles one needs to be given a license from the government for someone to drive on the roads.

Cons of Cart Transport

  1. Pollution of the environment by the donkey

The donkey relieves itself anywhere and that pollutes the environment. The owner of the donkey is to become responsible whereby he or she can clean the environment after the donkey relieves itself.

  1. Can harm to the donkey

In case the load to be carried by the donkey is heavy it may harm the damage as it will use a lot of energy to pull. This may come as a result of the donkey developing some wounds which will be termed as mistreating of the animal.

  1. The donkey can cause a stampede

The donkey may get annoyed and start jumping all over and that may make people to run all over hence making them hurt themselves as a result of the donkey getting annoyed.

  1. A little bit expensive to acquire a cart

Getting wheels may not be that cheap and the pieces of wood that need to be put together to make a wagon. This may require the owner to buy the materials before the cart is made.


Although cart transport can transport relatively large luggage than human porterage it also has some disadvantages. The advantages outweigh the disadvantages that are the reason as to why nowadays most people prefer to use carts for transport when the distance is not long.

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