24 Important Pros and Cons of Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy is an organization made up of many departments and divisions that are administered by a lot of people.

It is characterized by specialization and division of labor. Rules and regulations, hierarchical structures, technical competence guidelines, impersonality, and personal differences. The laws and policies are made by officials.

 Pros and Cons of Bureaucracy

Pros of Bureaucracy

  1. Easy to fit

As there are rules and regulations that govern the organization, it easy for someone to fit into the organization as he or she will be required to follow the rules of the organization.

  1. Easy to merge

Organizations that have similar rules and regulations find it easier to merge as they will not need to change the rules hence they will be able to work towards the same objective.

  1. Potentials to increase efficiency and productivity

As there will be rules that guide the workers, they will be able to work efficiently hence increasing the productivity of the organization.

  1. The workers have a goal

The rules and regulations make the workers have a goal and they will work to attain their goal for the betterment of the company.

  1. It allows good practices

The organization will be able to cultivate good practices in the organization and this will ensure that the workers do their work according to the rules and it will save time on solving the issues that may not be needed in the organization.

  1. It allows specialization

People are able to work best where they are specialized and this will lead to performance as the workers will be working comfortably.

  1. Power is centralized

This makes it possible for the workers not to be confused as they will be receiving directives from one point hence communication will become easier.

  1. Discourages favoritism

The organization does not allow favoritism and this will make all the workers to be treated equally as they will not feel that one individual is favored.

  1. There is job security

Workers will have job security and they also have benefits that are accrued to working in the organization hence they will work diligently.

  1. There is room for creativity

There will be more creativity and innovations as the workers will be doing their best to ensure that their area of specialization works well and this will enable the organization to experience better results.

  1. There is accountability

All the workers are accountable for their areas of work and this will make them work hard hence leading to positive results.

  1. Easy to succeed

As there is no favoritism in the bureaucratic organization, it gives room for everyone to work hard and it is easy to succeed in such organizations as one will be rewarded according to his work.

Cons of Bureaucracy

  1. Difficulty to change

When the organization has to embrace new practices, it becomes difficult as the rules are to be made centrally and this will take a lot of time to effect the changes.

  1. There is a wage gap

As there are specialization and division of labor, this makes it hard for the organization to pay everyone equally as everyone will be employed to do different work in the organization basing on the skills he or she has.

  1. It encourages praises

Someone will be praised according to how he or she has performed the task and this may make it difficult for others to have the morale to work hard as every individual has his or her own uniqueness.

  1. It encourages inefficiencies

As the salaries are fixed, this may make the workers not to work extra hard as they will still be paid like the others in the same department.

  1. Less freedom

The workers do not have the freedom to do what they want. They are guided by the rules and regulations of the organization hence does not allow freedom.

  1. Slower promotion rates

The workers may work hard in order to be promoted but they may be discouraged when it takes longer for them to be promoted to another level hence discourages them to work hard.

  1. It creates room for expenditure in order to be included in the next budget

The departments may strive hard to spend the money so that they may be included in the following year’s budget and this may lead to corruption in the departments.

  1. It has very many rules

In bureaucratic organizations, they have very many rules which makes it difficult for workers to comply with and this may make the organization keep on hiring and firing the workers.

  1. No emphasis is put on creating additional competencies

Some workers will strive to be promoted and once they reach the highest rank, they will remain there until they retire. This makes them not to be competitive anymore.

  1. There are delays

As the powers are centralized, it is not easy for the action to take place quickly. This will lead to delaying some work as the instructions are to be received from the central place.

  1. Corruption

Corruption can highly be experienced in the bureaucratic organization whereby the people in authority may favor others as they know what they will gain from it.


A bureaucratic organization is good in that it will be easier to monitor work done by each and everyone as there are specialization and division of labor and it will have high productivity as the workers will have the rules and regulations that govern them. The drawbacks can easily be handled in order to have a good working environment.

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