Pros and Cons of Brochures

Brochures are small books or magazines containing pictures and information about services or products offered by a certain company.

They normally contain the introduction part then they give the intended information after that they give information about the purpose or reason they are the best.

Pros of Brochures

  1. Saves time

When a customer asks for the information about a certain company the secretary does not have to sit down and type a letter to the customer answering about the inquiry. The customers may just be given the brochure that contains all the information about the company.

  1. Flexible designs

The design of the brochures can be changed from time to time until they fit the requirements of the company. This makes it easy for a company to design their own without necessarily having to copy hence it can be unique with attractive features that can really attract customers to read them.

  1. They are portable

Brochures are usually small in size and that makes it easier for someone to move along with them. It is also easier for someone to put it on someone’s doors or even window screens of the vehicles hence the information can easily get to the intended customers because of their sizes.

  1. They contain photographs

Some of the brochures always contain photographs that are attractive hence it is easier for customers to be attracted by the way they appear hence reading the information contained in it and as a result, many people will know about the product or service being advertised.

Cons of Brochures

  1. Expensive to print

As they are small they are required in large numbers because they can be given to very many people at a time. This makes the company to print many as they will be needed. The information on the brochures may also become outdated and that will require the company to change the information which will make them to print other brochures which will be costly to the company.

  1. Maybe not good for the environment

Brochures are given to individual clients and some clients may not really be in need of them hence they may dispose them anywhere in the environment and that may make the environment to be full of litter which will not be healthy.

  1. They have a small space

The space on the brochures may not make it possible for the company to give all the information about the company or the product they are selling and the brief information may make the customers not to know much about the product.

  1. They require professionals to design

Not everyone in a company can design the brochure. This may make the company get the services from the people who qualified in designing them hence an extra cost to the company.


Brochures are good but they need to be used by a company to supplement other means of advertisements that have already been used. In case they are used alone then the information may not really reach the intended customers as they contain very little information about the product or the services offered because of their sizes.


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