17 Honest Pros and Cons of Animal Right

The animal right is the idea in which some or all animals are entitled to the possession of their own existence and that their most basic interest is protected. They should be free from exploitation, abuse from human beings and needs a good place to live.

 Pros and Cons of Animal Right

Pros of Animal Right

  1. They have a certain intelligence to them

Some of the animals such as chimpanzees have intelligence that can be compared to human beings. They can use tools and do other tasks. As they can be compared to human beings, they are entitled to rights as human beings.

  1. No need to kill animals for their products

Mostly when human beings kill animals, they normally consume their products and this proves selfishness. Human beings cannot die if they take vegetables alone. It does not benefit them to kill animals.

  1. Saving an animal’s life would save the water supply

A lot of water is required to produce animal products as compared to plant products and this makes it necessary for human beings to think of the possible ways they can save water resources.

  1. Animal testing is not guarantee

Animal testing is not guaranteed as in most cases when the testing is done it does not give the required results. There are some medications that are safer for human beings to take but unsafe for animals.

  1. It is costly to prevent animal right

Animal testing is an expensive undertaking as in most cases they use a lot of money to do the testing but eventually, the results do not come hence wastage of resources and animals’ life.

  1. It protects the general welfare of society

When animal rights are observed, the general welfare of the society is protected and this makes the balance between animal population and the human population to be maintained.

  1. Humans will not suffer from health conditions contributed by animals

When animal rights are observed, they will be taken care of well and this will avoid transmission of some diseases from the animals to human beings hence healthy living.

  1. It gives the opportunity to advance research

When the animal’s rights are observed, then there is a possibility of advancing research as the animals will be in good condition to be tested on.

  1. It saves an animal’s life

Animal life is saved when there are rights to be observed as they will not be mistreated by human beings and this will enable them to live long.

Cons of Animal Right

  1. Animals may need a human representative

To represent animals, a human being may be required to represent the animals whose rights have been violated. It is easier to advocate for human rights other than animal rights and this may make it difficult to get human beings who can represent the animal.

  1. It may be costly

For animal rights to be implemented, there will be added enforcement costs. As the rights would be more of the human rights, then some laws have to be added to the criminal justice system and it is usually a long process for laws to be enacted.

  1. It does not necessarily reduce human risks

As in the chin of life, human beings are superior to an animal’s life. This means that when an animal dies due to a lack of proper medication then a human being does not have to also die as a result.

  1. New items need to be tested

According to ethics, human beings cannot be used for testing as some could argue that it is immoral. Animals are used for testing as it believed that human life is more important as compared to animal life hence the testing is preferred to be done on animals.

  1. It would change the medication testing process

Medicines are normally tested on animals so that human lives can be spared of the reactions that would come out of the medicine. If human beings are going to be tested on, then the medication testing process would change as some humans may react to the medicine and die in the process.

  1. It will stop research development

Most researches in the field of medicine have been conducted on animals and it has been successful. When the testing will stop being done on animals, then research will not continue which will affect the field of medicine hence risking human life as they will not have a cure to diseases.

  1. It will lead problems to food consumption

Most animal products are rich in animal proteins. If the animals are not to be killed then human beings will not get food rich in proteins and this would cause diseases to them.

  1. It would prevent safety testing

If the testing will be done on human beings, then it will not be safe as they risk human life. If animals are not to be tested on then the testing will not be safe.


If animals are not going to be used as testing tools for research, then the human population will be affected as the medicines to various ailments will not be found and this would result in death as many will die of simple ailments. There will be no balance as some species of animal will be more than others.

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