25 Crucial Pros and Cons of Animal Research

Animal research is the use of non-human animals in experiments that seek to control variables that affect the behavior or biological system under study.

Animals are used in research to help us understand our human bodies and how they work. It is done to develop new medicines for various diseases.

Pros and Cons of Animal Research

Pros of Animal Research

  1. Cosmetics and some health care products are tested on animals to ensure their safety

Most women use cosmetics on their skin and this may make the products react with the skin so they are tested on animals to ensure that they are safe before they are used on human bodies.

  1. Animals do not have rights hence possible to experiment on them

As animals do not have rights as human beings, it is possible to experiment on them hence they are the best objects to experiment on.

  1. It produces reliable results

Researchers can use the tests on the animals in any way and they come up with reliable results as they can do it more than one time to get the results.

  1. Animals have a short life cycle

Animals have short life cycles and this makes it possible for the research to be conducted on them other than the human beings who have a longer life span.

  1. The research on animals is highly regulated

There are state laws and guidelines that protect animals. The animal welfare act requires regular inspection of the animals by the veterinary. This makes the researchers get permission on which animals to do research on.

  1. The animals benefit from the results

The results that are conducted really benefit the animals as most of the results turn out positive and this is advantageous to animals that are used for research.

  1. Ethical considerations prevent the use of human beings

Ethically human beings are not to be used for research and this leaves the only option to be the animals. The lives of humans are not put in danger when testing toxic medicines as they may be harmful to their bodies.

  1. Animals are similar to human beings in many ways

Animals are used for research as they are similar to human beings in many ways so it is easier to get reliable results when animals are used in research.

  1. Animal testing is done to ensure that the vaccine is safe

The testing is done on animals before human beings to ensure that the vaccines are safe to avoid adding toxic substances in human being’s bodies.

  1. It contributes to life-saving cures and treatments

Animal research has contributed to major advances in cures to various diseases. Many diseases have found cures through testing on the animals hence human being’s life has been saved greatly.

  1. It has led to the development of antibiotics

Various antibiotics have developed through animal research hence it has really saved the life of human beings as they have been able to get medicines to various ailments.

  1. Animal bodies are not complex

Animal bodies are not complex as those of human beings and this makes it possible for research to be done on them.

Cons of Animal Research

  1. It is cruel and inhumane

Researchers have subjected animals to cruelty so that they may test the medicine and the healing process which turns out to be cruelty on animals.

  1. The research can be done on a human who volunteers

Some human beings are willing for the research to be conducted on their bodies so this may make it possible for the lives of animals to be spared.

  1. Medicine can still be found without the use of animals

Resources have to be invested in the field of medicine so that medicine can be found without necessarily having to test on animals.

  1. Animal Welfare Act has not succeeded in preventing the animals

Animal Welfare Act is working towards preventing the animals from the cruelty done to them in the name of research.

  1. Most experiments are flawed

Most experiments done on animals are flawed and this makes it difficult for the animal to be brought back to life and yet it has already been tempered with. The results may not be positive and yet the animal has already been killed.

  1. There is an increasing demand for cruelty-free products

Most people are buying products that are free from animal testing hence this makes it irrelevant to continue subjecting animals to cruelty so that they can test some cosmetics and medicine.

  1. There is no guarantee that the result may turn out positive in human beings

Some tests may be positive in animals but there is no guarantee that it may be similar to human beings. The medicine that may treat a certain disease in animals may turn out to be ineffective in human beings.

  1. The Animal Welfare Act does not protect all animals

Animals such as rats, mice, fish, and birds are not protected by the Animal Welfare Act and yet they are really used in the research process.

  1. It may mislead researchers

Researchers may be misled by animal testing as some chemicals that are harmful to animals proves valuable when it comes to human beings.

  1. Some drugs may be unsafe for human beings

Drugs that are used to cure animals may be unsafe for human beings and this may cause deaths of human beings or some other ailments.

  1. Animals are different from human beings

Animals do not qualify to be compared to human beings as they are completely different the way their body parts function and this may cause problems to medicines that are tried on both animals and human beings.

  1. There is the use of vitro testing

The test is done on cells of human beings and this can give accurate results and may spare the animals from being subjected to torture in the name of research.

  1. It reduces the population of the animals

This may affect the population of the animals that are being used for research and this may make the species to be extinct from the population.


Animal testing has done well in that a lot of medicines have been found through the process and this has made it possible for human beings to be cured of some diseases. Other methods have to be used as it may lead to extinction of some animal species from the chain and this may make the chain to be imbalanced.

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