Pros and Cons of Animal Clothing

Animal clothing is the act of using parts of the animals to make clothes. These include leather, wool, feathers, and silk. Animals are killed for human beings to get the parts to be used to make the clothes.

The animals that mostly provide clothing include; silkworms, rabbits, seals, foxes, sheep, lambs, chiru, minks, beavers, dogs, and cats.

Pros and Cons of Animal Clothing

Pros of Animal Clothing

  1. They are warm

The clothes that are made from parts of animals are often warm especially fur and weather that make the clothes warm during the cold weather.

  1. It is wealthy to wear

People who put on clothes that are made from animal products are regarded as a class in society as the clothes are put on by the rich people in society.

  1. Natural resource materials

It is considered that the material is renewable as the animals can be bred now and then to provide more materials to the industries to make the clothes.

  1. They boost the image of the clothing

When the fur is used on certain clothe it boosts the image of the clothes and it makes it look expensive and admirable.

  1. Looks fabulous

Clothes that are made from animal products make people them look fabulous and attractive hence most preferred by many people.

  1. The materials are biodegradable

Animal materials degrade faster as compared to synthetic materials and this makes it more suitable to be used for clothing.

  1. They are safe

Clothes made from animal products are safe for the human skin as they may not cause harm to the body when they are worn.

  1. They last long

The clothes that are made from animal products such as leather last long and they make the buyer not keep on replacing the clothes now and then and hence someone may use the money on other things to invest.

  1. Friendly to the environment

As the materials are biodegradable they do not cause pollution to the environment hence they are mostly preferred to be used.

  1. Easy to get the materials

The materials are easily gotten from the animals hence the companies using them find it easy to get the materials to be used as the animals will be killed and the materials are found.

Cons of Animal Clothing

  1. Air pollution

When the materials are processed to make them ready to be used they cause pollution to the environment and hence not healthy to human beings.

  1. Soil erosion

Breeding of sheep to produce wool leads to cutting down trees for the land to be created for grazing and this will lead to soil erosion on the land.

  1. They react to weather

Some animal products such as leather may feel warmer during the summer and when it comes to winter they may be colder hence not being used effectively.

  1. Limited patterns can be made on them

The patterns to be made on the materials are restricted and hence the user cannot dye the clothes the way he or she wants for it to look more attractive.

  1. Sensitive to temperatures

Clothes made from leather need to be stored at a cool place to avoid them being worn out as they may crack or peel off making them look ugly.

  1. Use of chemicals when making the materials

The chemicals that are used may damage the environment and this may not be healthy for human beings.

  1. It is against ethics

Killing other animals to use their products to show fashion does not sound well hence it is not a good idea to do that.

  1. Reduces animal population

It makes the animal population not grow as the animals will be killed for its products hence the number does not grow.

  1. Expensive

Materials such as fur are expensive in that it is expensive to rear animals to acquire the fur making the clothes that are made from fur much expensive.


Animal clothing is the most expensive clothes to acquire and they make people look stylish hence most people prefer animal clothing as they will make them look decent and they last for long.

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