Pros and Cons of Affirmative Actions

Affirmative action is a policy in which an individual’s color, race, religion, or national origin are taken in to account to increase the opportunities provided to underrepresented parts of the society. It caters to areas such as education, housing, and employment.

The criteria for affirmative action are race, disability, religion, gender, ethnic origin, and age. The factors are put into consideration so that every member of the society may benefit and it avoids discrimination.

Pros and Cons of Affirmative Actions

Pros of Affirmative Actions

  1. It allows protection from hatred

It does so by enforcing strict and harsh punishment to the individuals who are found with the offense hence everyone will feel protected in the society and will not be discriminated against.

  1. It enhances equality in the workplace

The action ensures that equal chances are given to candidates who apply for the job n a certain workplace regardless of the race or religion provided the candidate qualifies for the position will be able to be employed.

  1. Minority students are able to get advanced education

There are students from ethnic backgrounds that are not able to access advanced education due to ethnic origin. The action ensures that all students have the chance to get access to advanced education.

  1. It is aimed at compensating minorities

In America, the blacks were tortured whereby they were forced to work without pay and punished harshly. The action is aimed at compensating the descendants of the blacks that went through the torture in the hands of the whites.

  1. It promotes innovations

The action allows everyone to study and work regardless of the gender and this allows more innovations that are very beneficial to the societies.

  1. It does not allow stereotype regarding skin color

All people are given equal chances regardless of their skin color provided they can do the work well hence it increases productivity as it allows everyone to work everywhere.

  1. Promotes equality for all races

All races are treated equally in every social place and this reduces enmity between the blacks and the whites who previously thought that they are superior. This makes it possible for people to move freely as they will receive the same treatment.

  1. It allows disadvantaged students to learn

Those students who come from low income earning families and may not be able to attend private schools are given equal chances to learn in public schools hence they get the same education with others.

  1. It assists disadvantaged individuals to advance

Some people come from areas that do not have other good facilities and this may make it difficult for them to advance in life. The action allows such people to move to areas where they can advance in life.

  1. Allows diversity

The action allows diversity in schools, workplaces, and residential areas and this makes it possible for everyone to feel free wherever they go to as they will not be discriminated on any grounds.

  1. It eliminates socioeconomic differences

As everyone is given equal chances in life, it eliminates the issue of the people from high-class families being favored hence no social-economic classes.

  1. Encourages people to chase their dreams

People are free to pursue their dreams anywhere and this allows even the ones from low-income families to excel in life.

Cons of Affirmative Actions

  1. It is difficult to avoid discrimination

In societies that have grown knowing that they practice discrimination, it difficult to remove it as it is passed from one generation to another hence people still practice racism and other forms of discrimination.

  1. The action can be misinterpreted

When people talk about giving equal chances to minorities it may lead to people not working hard in life as they know that they will still get equal chances in life.

  1. It does not allow the true minority to benefit

As people know that the minorities are being given chances so that they may be like the others, even the ones who do not deserve the chances are the ones corrupting so that they get the chances leaving the minority not to benefit from the chances.

  1. It will lead to a color-blind society

When the minority knows that they will get the chance, they will not bother themselves to work on their character and this may bring up a society that is really evil.

  1. It has a flaw with regard to diversity

It does not mean that when different people are at a place will have the same opinion. The people may be from the same culture but have different opinions on issues.

  1. It lowers the accountability that may be needed to push students to perform

This because both the teachers and the learners will assume that there is an advantage they will get over others being in that area hence they will not work hard to perform well like others in other areas.

  1. Easy to generate unfavorable results

For schools and businesses can easily generate unfavorable results taking advantage of the conditions they are staying in.

  1. It may reinforce stereotypes and racism

People may know that people of certain skin color may enjoy some benefits hence they will not work hard knowing that obviously they will be given the positions.

  1. It allows discrimination in reverse

As whites work hard, it is still believed that they will be favored in the workplace. This has made the blacks to relax as the whites work under strict and tough conditions.

  1. There will be biasness

It promotes biases in the society whereby the information that will be provided about someone will be biased so that the person may enjoy the benefits given to the minority.


Affirmative action was initially a good thing but most people are taking advantage of it hence the targeted groups are not really benefiting. It needs to be put under rules that will allow it to function well so that the main aim of starting it may come out.

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