Pros and Cons of Advertising

Advertising is a way of marketing that involves paying for a space to promote a product or service. The main reason for advertising is to reach the intended market and be able to convince them to buy the product.

There are various types of advertising which include: online advertising, television advertisements and even through the radios.

Pros and Cons of Advertising

Pros of Advertising

  1. It supports salesmanship

Through advertising, the salespersons will be supported as the advertisement will be able to make the customers aware of the product hence when the salespersons go to the market will have an easier time convincing the customers as they already know about the product.

  1. Leads to the production of high-quality goods

When the company decides to advertise its goods they will be forced to produce goods that are of high standards so that they cannot fail the customers.

  1. The company can eliminate the middlemen

The middlemen normally assist the company to take the product to the customers. When the product is advertised then the middlemen can easily be eliminated because the company will be sure that the product will reach the consumers.

  1. It educates consumers

Advertisements mainly educate the consumers about the product hence makes it easy for consumers to know the kind of products they are consuming.

  1. Creates employment opportunities

The company will have to employ people to do advertisement for the product hence creating opportunities for people to be employed.

  1. Improves the standards of living

Through people getting the opportunities to work and earn something from it then their standards of living will be improved.

Cons of Advertising

  1. Costly

It is costly to advertise a product because the company needs to employ people to do the advertisements and also pay for the medium through which the advertisement is to be made.

  1. May mislead consumers

Some advertisements may mislead consumers whereby they may give information that is not correct about the product hence misleading the consumers.

  1. Raises the costs of the products

When a company decides to do advertisements for its products it may decide to put the burden on the consumers by raising the price of the products.

  1. Eliminates the middlemen

Advertisements eliminate middlemen hence making it difficult for them to get employed hence lacking a way in which they can live.

  1. Leads to monopolistic control

Through advertising, the company may take control of the business hence no other person in the middle has the opportunity to control anything about the product.

  1. Encourages sale of inferior products

Advertising can make companies sell inferior products to the consumers as they will have to give all the information about the product that can really make look nice in the eyes of the consumers. This information sometimes maybe a lie so that the consumers can get the product but in the real sense, the product may not be having the qualities that are associated with it.


Advertising is really good for a company as it will make the product of the company be known to the consumers but sometimes it may not be good as some may mislead the consumers.

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