Pros and Cons of a 4 Day School Week

A 4 day school week is where learners attend school for 4 days a week. Some schools may opt their learners to attend school from Monday to Thursday and some may opt for Tuesday to Friday.

This is calculated by the number of hours that are allocated for the learners to be instructed. The law states the number of hours per week that the learners need to be instructed then it is distributed among the days they are supposed to attend school.

Pros and Cons of a 4 Day School Week

Pros of a 4 Day School Week

  1. It may improve the attendance of learners

When learners go to school for 4 days a week, it may improve their attendance as they may see it as not becoming tiresome to go to school hence reducing the number of absentees.

  1. Reduction in the cost of running a school

A school will only be needed to take care of the learners’ welfare for 4 days and this may reduce the cost of running a school.

  1. Improvement in learners’ performance

When learners are tired they do not retain a lot. A 4-day school will make learners not become tired of going to school hence able to retain all that is taught to them which will eventually improve their performance.

  1. It will improve the discipline of the learners

The learners will be able to maintain discipline as they will not practice truancy. They will feel 4 days are not more and that will make them enjoy coming to school all the four days hence improving their discipline.

  1. Teachers become flexible

This adds flexibility to teachers’ timetables and they may know how to split the hours that they have so that they may teach the learners all that is required.

  1. Cheap to recruit employees

As the employees will be paid according to the amount of work done, then it will become easier for the school to recruit the employees as it will not use a lot of resources on the employees.

  1. It limits wastage of time

Time will be well used as both the learners and the teachers will know that they only have 4 days in school hence they will strive to cover a lot of content within the given days.

  1. Learners will be able to make a workable extracurricular timetable

The learners will know the time that they need to allocate on the extracurricular and this may make them concentrate during the school time.

  1. It fits its working schedule of most parents

Most parents will be able to have time with their children and this may make it possible to correct those learners that have different behavior at school and at home. The parents may also have enough time to teach their children some skills that are not necessarily taught in school hence bringing up a complete child.

  1. Teachers will limit the number of days they are off duty

As the teachers will have what to cover during the 4 days, this will limit the number of days teachers seek permission to deal with their issues unless it is urgent.

  1. It will be easier for the schools to allocate extracurricular activities

The schools may allocate the extracurricular activities to be done during the weekend hence not interfering with the normal days for learning.

Cons of a 4 Day School Week

  1. It may be misleading

A lot of schools may think that they may reduce operational costs but it may be difficult as other activities such as sports may be required to be done during the long weekend hence the school will still have to spend.

  1. Possibility of increase in juvenile crime

As learners will have a lot of time at home, they may engage in activities that may make them be taken to juvenile.

  1. The decline in academic performance

There may be a decline in academic performance as some learners may not be able to cover what they are expected and they will be assessed in those areas hence not able to perform well.

  1. School days may belong

As it will be a 4 day school week, the learners may be required to take a lot of time in school in order to cover what is intended and that may still make them tired hence not grasping a lot.

  1. It may eliminate holiday breaks

In order for the learners to covers what is intended, the holiday breaks may be eliminated and that could still be the same as going to school for five days.

  1. Difficult to find after school employment

The learners will get used to the schedule of going to school for 4 days and they may want the same to be extended to the job field which may be difficult for them to cope up.

  1. It may give burden to the families below poverty lines

When learners are at school it tends to reduce the cost on the side of the family as the learner will be provided by the meals at school. When at home the family will need to take care and this may be a burden to the family.

  1. It may create a problem with learners’ home schedule

The learner may find it difficult to schedule the activities that he or she may get involved in during the long weekend hence preferring to go to school.

  1. It may be difficult for some parents

Some parents go to work even during the weekend. This may be a challenge to them as they will not be able to take of their children while at home.

  1. It may lead to school dropouts

Some learners may be going for work during the long weekend and in the end, they earn some money which they may find a challenge between going to school for the 4 days and without earning or going to work during the weekend and earning. This may make them drop out of the school in order for them to control working.


A 4 day school week is good but also it may affect the learners negatively. It is to be put in place then a lot of areas of concern have to be looked into so that it may balance the situation. The learners should be left comfortable with it the same to the parents so that it may be easy to control the learners both in school and at home to avoid them getting into activities that may make them be taken to the juvenile.

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