16 Important Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Global warming is causing a threat to many nations due to the release of excess carbon to the atmosphere. Many countries are opting for the best alternative sources of energy that are clean rather than the use of fossil fuels.

The argument about the price of solar energy being too high is not valid since there are so many companies producing solar panels at a lower price.

After considering the pros and cons of solar energy, it is quite clear that the future of solar energy is going to be celebrated in the coming years. It is the best alternative to the renewable energy source that is affordable.

In this post, you are going to discover detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy. Here is the thing:

advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

Advantages of Solar Energy

The benefits of solar energy in agriculture, households, and industries are quite the many. Here are some of the significant pros of solar energy. They include:

  1. Sustainable

Solar energy is among the top accessible renewable energy sources that occur in abundance and can serve the present generation without compromising the ability to help the future generation.

In other words, the sun is going to shine for a couple of billion years, and there is no way we are going to over-consume it despite the growing demand.

  1. Reduce Electricity Bills

Installation of solar panels in your home will do you great favor since you will be able to produce your electricity. It will also result in less reliant in electric utility and in the process reduce monthly bills.

Solar panels last for a couple of years approximately 35 years, and this will enable you to cut down monthly bills for a couple of decades.

  1. Environmental Friendly

Solar energy is eco-friendly, and it helps to reduce the emission of carbon into the atmosphere as a result of burning fossil fuels.

The sun produces an unlimited amount of solar energy that is clean, and it does not harm the environment in any way. Research shows that solar energy is one of the most unused energy ever available on the earth’s surface.

  1. Renewable Energy Source

Solar energy is a renewable energy source, and it can be harness daily without getting exhausted. Solar energy is readily accessible to everyone so long as we have sunshine. The research shows that it is going to be there for over a billion years to come.

  1. Diverse Application

There are a lot of advantages of solar energy over fossil fuels such as being used for different purposes. Solar panels can be used to produce electricity and heat at the same time. It is the reason why solar energy is accessible in remote areas where there is a lack of hydroelectric power stations.

  1. Cost of Maintenance is Low

The cost of maintaining the solar panels is quite low since in most cases you will also be expected to clean the panels about once in a year.

There is no frequent movement from one place to another hence help to reduce the risks of wear and tear. It is the reason why there is no recurrent cost of repair.

  1. Advancement in Technology

The rate at which technology is improving in solar energy is alarming. The development of technology is going to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of solar panels so that they can harness more power for consumption.

  1. Geographically Widely Available

Sun shines almost in all parts of the world making solar energy accessible to everyone. However, people who are closer to the equator tend to experience a lot of solar than those around the tropics.

Despite the differences in the location of some areas, solar energy is still available to everyone and very popular across the world.

  1. Energy Independence

Sunshine everywhere across the globe making every nation to have the ability to produce their energy. Therefore, solar energy spearhead energy independence and security.

  1. Financial Supports from Government

There are a lot of federal grants, tax incentives, and rebate programs to help reduce the initial cost of installing solar panels. These factors are made many people go for solar energy in their households as the best energy sources.

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Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Let’s swing into action to learn about five problems of solar energy. These limitations come since anything good has its drawbacks. They include:

  1. Cost of Solar Panels

The initial costs of purchasing solar panels are too high. The high charges also are brought about by buying inverters, batteries, expenses of the wiring, and installation process.

Many people still hope the price of solar energy is going to drop as the technology continues to grow hence the reason why it is still the most preferred.

  1. Weather Dependent

The efficiency of solar energy during rainy and cloudy conditions is low although it can yet be collected. Solar panels produce a lot of electricity when the sun shines a lot and when the clouds develop, the production rate reduces.

  1. Storage of Solar Energy is Expensive

Solar energy is usually used right away and if you want to store then expect to cough some right amount of cash to purchase large batteries.

It is advisable to use the energy directly from the solar panels during the day and from the grid at night. Storage of solar energy requires a lot of investments in large batteries.

  1. Require a Big Area

If you want to generate a large amount of electricity, then be ready to install solar panels on a large area. If you happen to have a small space, then expect low production of power in your household.

  1. Linked to Pollution

The pollution effect caused by solar energy is quite minimal as compared to fossil fuels. However, during transportation and installation to associated with the emission of greenhouse gases that can result in a greenhouse effect.

  1. Exotic Materials

Some solar cells require costly materials which are very rare in nature. It is said to be quite common among thin-film solar cells that are based on either cadmium telluride (CdTe) or copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS).

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Are you considering installing solar panels in your household? Well, the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy listed above can act as guidance.

The advantages of solar energy automatically outweigh the drawbacks of solar energy; thus it is the most recommended cost-effective alternative for energy sources.

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