17 Critical Advantages and Disadvantages of Non-Renewable Energy

There are a lot of critics over non-renewable energy sources although they have shown a significant impact on the growth of the economy across the world.

The industrial revolution and advancement in technology have also been seen spearheading the use of renewable energy sources over nonrenewable energy.

Most people believe that the continuous use of non-renewable sources of energy could lead to distortion of the ozone layer and even the extinction of the planet earth.

In this post, you will explore information about the advantages and disadvantages of non-renewable energy sources. Let’s get started here.

advantages & disadvantages of non-renewable energy

Advantages of Non-Renewable Energy Sources

What is the impact of using non-renewable energy? Well, let’s get started by discussing first the positive effects of non-renewable energy sources here:

  1. Most Reliable

Renewable energy like solar and wind are quite attractive, but they are less dependable since they rarely occur. Sun shines only during the day or when the clouds are bright, but during the cloudy condition, there is less sun to provide energy.

Fossil fuels are readily available despite the changes in weather conditions, and they can provide a good source of energy. Therefore, they are quite dependable and reliable.

  1. Less Costly

Setting up a power station is very expensive as compared to the use of the naturally occurring fossil fuels. Power plants and installation of equipment to generate energy require a high amount of capital to enjoy their services.

However, most non-renewable energy sources are very affordable, and this is the reason why still so many people across the world prefer them.

  1. Abundant Supply

Despite the growing demand for energy sources, non-renewable energy is still plenty in supply, and it can even meet the market in the future.

The advancement in technology is going to foster more extraction of natural resources from the earth to enable more people to get access to it.

  1. Relatively Safe

It is essential to consider the safety of any energy sources before using it. If non-renewable energy sources are correctly stored and transported well, they are likely to be safe when using them.

Improvement in technology has brought new ways of storing and transporting to reduce the risks associated with non-renewable energy sources.

  1. Economic Efficiency

The extraction of non-renewable energy sources is less costly and economical as compared to renewable energy sources. Setting up and installing wind turbines can be too expensive in case someone needs an affordable energy source.

  1. Fewer Formalities

Using non-renewable energy sources does not require someone to seek any form of license and other requirements from the government.

Setting up a power station will require an individual to abide by the rules and regulations of the government. The process of acquiring the formalities are quite tedious and involving.

  1. Easy to Set Up

Fossil fuel plants can be set up at any location so long as the area has a vast amount of energy sources. Setting up a fossil fuel plant does not require someone to have an extensive background of education training unlike renewable energy sources plant like a power station.

  1. Simple to Transport

Transportation of fossil fuels is quite easy as compared to many renewable sources. Oil and gas can be transported underground to reach various destinations where there is a demand with ease.

  1. Easily Accessible

Fossil fuels are accessible to many people whether in urban or remote areas. The good thing about the source of energy is that they can be found all over the world.

  1. Small Area Required

Setting up a fossil fuel plant requires a small area unlike renewable energy sources like solar plants and wind power plants. Fossil fuel plant can be set up in a small space so long as it is safe.

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Disadvantages of Non-Renewable Energy Sources

Why are non-renewable resources inadequate? Research shows that anything that has some advantages also has problems. Let’s dig deep and get to know some of the common cons of non-renewable energy sources.

  1. Environmental Pollution

The burning of fossil fuels causes the release of carbon monoxide that hurts the earth. The research shows that excess carbon monoxide in the atmosphere can lead to global warming. They are damage both flora and fauna on the planet.

  1. Subject to Political Manipulation

The presence of crude oil has been seen as the cause of havoc among many nations across the world. The extraction of petroleum products has resulted in political manipulation and differences that occur in war. Look at the political instability in the countries that are producing the oil now and see how political indifferences can cause.

  1. Public Health Issues

Burning fossil fuels leads to air pollution. The nasty gases emitted into the atmosphere can result in various diseases such as asthma and lung problems. The number of cases being reported for a patient with lung and other respiratory system is increasing rapidly.

  1. Depletion of the Energy Sources

Once the naturally occurring resources are used up from the earth’s surface, they cannot be renewed again. In case they get depleted, you can never find them still in the same area for use.

  1. High Prices

The rising demand for energy sources has made the cost of acquiring fossil fuels to raise, and this is caused by inflation. The prices of these fuels are never as stable as those of renewable sources of energy.

  1. Acidic Rains

The emission of Sulphur and other gases into the atmosphere results in the formation of acidic rain. The kind of rain hurts the roofs of the houses and the plants.

  1. Oil Spills

Oil spillage during transportation can immensely damage the ecosystem which later affects the economy negatively. Research shows that quite a good number of marine animals are killed due to suffocation as a result of oil spillage in the sea or ocean.

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Final Thoughts

Although there are so many advantages of using non-renewable sources, most of the cons are quite brutal and critical hence require second thinking.

Life and conservation of the environment are quite remarkable. We need to keep the environment and earth generally a better place to live.

It is now vivid that every person should opt for renewable energy sources rather than using non-renewable energy sources.

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