21 Huge Pros and Cons of Fracking

Fracking is a technique that is designed to recover gas and oil from shale rock. Some people claim that it is a safe and economical source of energy while others claim that it destroys drinking water supplies, pollutes the environment, contributes to the greenhouse gases that cause global warming, and also triggers earthquakes.

It is brought about the controversial technology called hydraulic fracturing in the United States as it is really investing in the drilling of oil and gas.

Pros and Cons of Fracking

Pros of Fracking

  1. It has improved the American energy system

Through fracking, the Americans have reduced dependency of energy sources from other countries as fracturing has made the country to drill it’s oil and gas.

  1. It has improved the accessibility of energy sources to people

People in America are accessed to various energy sources and this has really improved their mobility as there is a lot of fuel to be used in the vehicles and it is readily available.

  1. Lower energy prices

The government of the United States has made it possible to reduce the prices of the energy sources as it is produced in their own country. They do not need to import it from other countries.

  1. It has encouraged innovations

There are high innovations due to fracking as new technologies are developed on how to drill the oil and the gases hence improvement in innovations.

  1. It uses little water

Fracking does not use as much water as other forms of energy. It has helped in water consumption hence the water can be used for other domestic uses.

  1. It reduces reliance on foreign energy sources

Fracking has reduced the over-reliance of America on energy from other countries as it is produced in their own country hence does not rely on foreign nations.

  1. It creates employment opportunities

Through fracking many people have been employed and this has a positive impact on the economy of the country as it has really improved it.

  1. It does not affect underground water

A linear is placed in the wells to protect the oil from spilling into underground water. As fracking is done underneath the groundwater table, the oil is protected from going upwards for it to contaminate the underground water.

  1. It has fewer emissions

Fewer emissions spill to the atmosphere hence it is less dangerous to human health as compared to other forms of energy production.

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Cons of Fracking

  1. It needs water

For fracking to be done, it requires water that could have been used in other fields hence it brings competition for water sources making the available water not to satisfy the human needs well.

  1. It inhibits innovations in other fields

Americans seem to have settled with fracking whereby they are not looking for more other sources of energy that may be cleaner and safer to the environment hence it has made innovations to be at standstill after coming up with fracking.

  1. Changes property ownership standards

Mineral rights are sold separately from property rights in America. This makes it impossible for people to own the minerals as part of their property.

  1. It may lead to earthquakes

As fracking is done underneath the water table, it makes the earth weaken as the earth will be shaken due to the shaking of the drilling machines hence it may easily cause earthquakes that may affect the lives of human beings and destroy the infrastructure.

  1. It puts chemicals into the ground

As the oil is being drilled from underneath, some chemicals are put in the ground and this may affect the production of crops, and also the chemicals may be consumed by human beings through the agricultural produce hence causing problems to human beings.

  1. It contributes to the production of methane in the atmosphere

There are emissions that are emitted to the atmosphere which may affect human health through the fracking process.

  1. It encourages the consumption of more fossil fuels

More fossil fuels are consumed during the extraction of gas and crude oil. The fossils emit some gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and methane that are harmful to human health once they are consumed.

  1. It may destroy the ozone layer

The ozone layer protects us from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. When a lot of toxic gases are emitted in the atmosphere, it makes the layer weaken hence not being able to protect us from the ultraviolet rays which may cause skin problems to human skin.

  1. It may lead to un-known long-term consequences

Fracking may cause long-term consequences to the atmosphere which may turn out to be a problem to deal with the situation hence using a lot of resources to solve the problems.

  1. It may lead to gas explosions

The gases that are mined may explode causing destruction to the environment and human beings.

  1. It may contaminate underground water

Fracking is done underneath after the water table. This may contaminate the underground water as it may spill into the water which will later be used by human beings and other animals hence causing a problem to them.

  1. Air pollution

The air may be polluted in the process of fracking hence making human beings inhale unclean air and this may cause diseases that may end up being costly to treat them.

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Fracking was introduced in the United States to solve the problem of the overdependence of fuel from foreign countries. The aim was good but it has come about with many dangers that need to be looked into so that human beings may benefit from the process and not suffer from it.

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