18 Top-Rated Pros and Cons of Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is an experimental technique that uses genes to treat or prevent diseases. In the future it may allow doctors to treat diseases by inserting genes in the patients’ body using drugs or surgery.

Other genetic materials are introduced into the cells of a human being to compensate for abnormal genes or to make a beneficial protein.

Pros and Cons of Gene Therapy

Pros of Gene Therapy

  1. It is based on technology

As new technology is invented in the field of medicine, the cost of the therapy will reduce as technology keeps on evolving hence it will be affordable by many people hence many diseases will be cured.

  1. It is not limited to humans

The therapy is also being tried on other animals and this may yield better results in the field of agriculture as domestic animals will not die of simple diseases hence earning profit to the farmers.

  1. It may create a new field of medicine

There is a possibility that new fields of medicine may be created out of the therapy and this may help to cure many diseases hence decreasing the mortality rate.

  1. It may treat other disorders

The therapy may be able to treat other disorders such as infertility and this may solve the problem of people being barren hence increase in the population.

  1. It can provide treatment to genetic disorders

There are very many people suffering due to genetic disorders. The therapy may make the cells that have disorders to be replaced with the ones that are good hence people living a normal life.

  1. It creates hope for children born with defects

Many children are born with defects due to genetic mutations. With genetic therapy, there can be hope that the children may be assisted hence giving hope to the parents of the children on the survival chances.

  1. It can improve the immunity of the body

The genes can be put in the body to improve the immunity of the body and this may make people not suffer from simple ailments that may eventually lead to death.

  1. It can lead to the cure of the diseases that currently do not have a cure

Diseases such as cancer are very deadly diseases and they are affecting very many people hence there is no cure. With genetic therapy, there is hope that the disease will have a cure in the future hence not affecting the world’s population.

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Cons of Genetic Therapy

  1. It can provide false hope

Genetic therapy may provide false hope and this may make people who have the disease think that one day they will be cured and eventually dies from the same disease.

  1. It may lead to genetic doping

Doping is a process that could equalize athletics or educational performance. This may make people not to work hard as they may go for the doping process and perform very well in the various fields.

  1. The therapy has been stuck in trials

There is no guarantee that the process may one day come to an end as it has stuck in the trial stage for long and this makes people lose hope if the cure would ever be found.

  1. It may unlock unethical ways of science

This may create a situation whereby people may want to change their genetic makeup so that they may become what they desire and this may be unethical in the society.

  1. Nature can easily adapt to changes

Nature is unpredictable. It can easily adapt to the changes and this may make the genetic material not to cure the intended diseases.

  1. High cost

Currently, the cost of gene therapy is high and this may make people from high socioeconomic class to afford the cost leaving the ones from low class to die from the same diseases.

  1. It may lead to mutations

The gene may be inserted in the wrong place altering the genetic makeup of an individual hence causing a genetic mutation that may, in the end, lead to other serious problems in the human body.

  1. It may introduce cancer in the body of an individual

The genes that are introduced in the cells may cause the growth of cancerous cells which may lead to an individual having the disease instead of curing the one that the person had.

  1. The virus in the body may recover

This will make the disease not to be cured as the virus may recover and start multiplying again hence not curing the disease.

  1. Healthy cells may be damaged in the process

The cells that are healthy may be damaged in the process of inserting the new genes in the body and this may cause harm to an individual.

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Genetic therapy has good goals and if this is worked for then the world will be able to face out certain diseases that are causing death to a lot of people.

This may make the nations to use little money on the diseases as there will be a cure. The drawbacks have to be looked into so that they may not cause harm than good to individuals.

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