18 Big Pros and Cons of Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering is the process of altering the DNA in an organism. It is artificial manipulation, modification, and recombination of DNA or other nucleic acids molecules in the body of an organism. It can be used to cure a wide range of diseases in organisms.

Different nucleic acids are used and it is aimed at the organism doing what is intended to. This may improve the functioning of some of the nucleic acids.

Pros and Cons of Genetic Engineering

Pros of Genetic Engineering

  1. Production of more nutritious food

Genetic engineering can be used in the field of agriculture to improve the nutritious content of the food consumed by the organisms hence it is beneficial.

  1. It can produce tastier food

The taste of the food can be improved through genetic engineering and this can make many people go for the variety.

  1. It can give rise to drought-resistant crops

Drought resistant crops can be developed through genetic engineering and this can make production to continue even under unfavorable climatic conditions hence supplying food to consumers throughout.

  1. Disease resistant crops

Some crops can be developed through the alteration of the DNA and other nucleic acids to give rise to crops that are resistant to some diseases making it possible for the farmers to spend a little amount of money on treating the diseases that affect the plants.

  1. It leads to the production of new foods

New foods can be produced through genetic engineering and this may make people have a variety of food to consume.

  1. Faster growth rate

Genetic engineering produces plants that grow faster hence it makes it possible to solve the problem of food shortage. Even animals are modified in that they grow faster and this makes it easier for the farmers to get the animal products faster.

  1. The develop plants that are pest-resistant

This allows the farmers not to use a lot of resources on the farms as the plants will not be affected by the pests easily hence investing little in the farm.

  1. Extended life

Genetic engineering leads to the production of animals and plants that can live for a long time hence the farmers are able to yield a lot of returns from the plants and animals.

  1. Medicinal foods

It leads to the production of medicinal foods hence the cost of treating some diseases go down as the plant may be used as food at the same time it is medicine to a certain disease.

Cons of Genetic Engineering

  1. It leads to foods that can cause allergic reactions

Some of the foods that are produced genetically may cause allergy to human beings when they consume it hence causing danger to human body organs.

  1. Harmful genetic changes

There is a possibility there can be harmful genetic changes that may eventually cause mutations in human beings.

  1. Less nutritious foods

The science can lead to the production of more food but less nutritious hence human beings consuming it for the purpose of making the stomach full but not to become healthy.

  1. Unfavorable diversity

Genetic engineering can lead to the production of animals that are modified. Genes from wild animals can be mixed with genes from domestic animals and this may make the result to be unfavorable as it will have a weird character from the normal animals.

  1. Risky pathogens

There is a possibility that the viruses and the bacteria can be made to be resistant and they may become stronger which may cause a lot of damage.

  1. It can result in toxicity in an organism

The organism may experience high toxic levels that may eventually harm the organism which may not be beneficial.

  1. Poisoned wildlife

It can lead to the production of wildlife that is poisonous to human beings and other animals hence causing great damage to other animals.

  1. Unknown harm to the environment

It can lead to unknown problems to the environment which will require a lot of resources for the case to be solved.

  1. No guarantee that the test may survive

The test may not survive in the environment put and this may make the researcher not to get the positive results of the trials.


Genetic engineering was introduced so that it can produce better food for animals and human beings. The foods could help solve the problem of food shortage and this may make the human beings and other animals not to suffer from famine.

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