17 Important Pros and Cons of Freelancing

Freelancing is doing work of your own and not necessarily employed by someone or an organization. The person is self-employed and is not committed to work for one employer for a long time. It is not a solitary career.

Freelancing calls for hard work, communication skills, professionalism, persistence, responsibility, initiative, and principles.

Pros and Cons of Freelancing

Pros of Freelancing

  1. Freedom of clients

Freelancers have the freedom of choosing the clients they would like to for and this makes them enjoy their own freedom in their work and they cannot be exploited by the employers.

  1. Control of workload

They have the ability to decide the workload they have to handle within that day. This makes them work efficiently as they will only do what they are able to do correctly and give themselves a break once they are done.

  1. Able to get exposure

A lot of freelancers are able to get exposed to a variety of jobs in their field and this makes them learn more about their field.

  1. Independence

In this field there is a lot of independence as the freelancer works on his own without supervision hence they do their work without pressures from their employers.

  1. Flexibility

The freelancers have the ability to decide for themselves whether they want to do the work the whole day or rest in the course of the day provided they are able to complete the client’s work on time.

  1. Free to work from anywhere

They are not restricted to the location where they are supposed to work from hence the freelancer may decide to work from the comfort of his or her house.

  1. They have an opportunity to earn more

The freelancers have an opportunity to earn more as they will have a target of what they want to earn. They are not limited to a specific amount of money.

  1. Able to become a better human being

This comes in whereby they will need to have self-discipline and be responsible for the actions they are taking as they will not be working under any rules. They are the ones to set their own rules and follow them.

Cons of freelancing

  1. They work in isolation

The freelancers mostly work in isolation and this may make them not learn how to mingle with others and help each other in times of need and this may make them not care about other people’s lives.

  1. Payment issues

The freelancers are faced with challenges of not being paid after working for malicious people. There are no laws that cover freelancers and this may make them face challenges when someone refuses to pay them.

  1. Ultimate responsibility

It calls for ultimate responsibility as the freelancers do not work under supervision and this may make those who are not responsible to do the work hence not earning from it by the end.

  1. No steady work

It is not easy for freelancers to find steady work and this may affect their income as they will only have money at times and lack during other times making their lives fluctuate every now and then.

  1. No benefits

There are no benefits that accompany freelancing. The freelancer himself has to plan for his life by himself so that he may have the benefit at the end of it all.

  1. High taxes

They pay taxes which are high and this may affect their income as they are not employed by anyone or organization but needs to pay tax.

  1. Move over to wrong technology

The freelancer may invest in the wrong field and this may make him or her not earn from it which may result in a waste of time.

  1. Becomes more into work

This makes them lose balance in life whereby they will only concentrate on the work and forget to make friends in life which is very important.

  1. Too much accountability

They are accountable for the work they do by themselves and this may make them to feel that whatever they are doing is not right hence keeps on shifting from one field to another.


Freelancing is getting into the market as there are inadequate job opportunities hence many people opt to employ themselves. The drawbacks that they face can be handled for one to enjoy the field of freelancing.

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