15 Remarkable Pros and Cons of Three Strike Law

Three strike law is a law in the United States whereby habitual offenders are punished by significantly increasing their prison sentences. It limits the ability of the offenders to receive any other punishment other than life imprisonment punishment.

It is a longer imprisoned sentence on the offenders. It is as well as instituted to other changes. This law is imposed to discourage people from repeating the same mistake.

Pros and Cons of Three Strike Law

Pros of the Three Strike Law

  1. It only applies to convictions

As people are innocent until they are proven to be guilty, this may lead to someone being arrested as many times as possible and this may take longer for them to be given the strike.

  1. It allows justice for the victims

When someone commits a violent crime, it may make the victim fear that once the person is released may come again and commit the same crime. The law protects the victims in that they may not be offended again.

  1. It keeps habitual offenders in prison

This law makes the habitual offenders be kept in prison and this may help reduce the vices in the society as there will be no other people to commit the same crimes hence having a good society.

  1. It can reduce felony arrest

As people will fear the risk of being arrested and put in prison for life, the number of felonies committed may be reduced as it acts as a discouragement to many offenders.

  1. It is a deterrent against a crime

It discourages people from committing crimes and this makes the society to be made up of people who are concerned about the welfare of others and this may make a country to develop economically as people will not fear to invest.

  1. It can remove potential violent offenders from the generation

When the offenders are imprisoned for life, it makes it possible for the potential violent offenders to be removed from the society hence bringing up a generation that is not likely to be violent based.

  1. safety in It increases the community

The community is able to live at peace as there will be no possibility of anything bad happening to any of the community members.

Cons of the Three Strike Law

  1. The offenders are guaranteed time and cost for the trial

A third felony may fight the charge with everything they have as they know that it is life imprisonment. This may make the prosecutor have a lot of time for trials and in the long run he may win.

  1. People can receive preferential treatment

As people in different socioeconomic class may receive preferential treatment, this may make them not to receive the three strikes. This will make those who do not have the resources to face the law and this may be unfair to them.

  1. It needs to convictions

For an offender to face the charges, it requires two convictions and this may allow the one who only has one conviction not to repeat the mistake hence not being faced with the law.

  1. It assumes that rehabilitation will not work

The judges normally assume that rehabilitation may not work on such people and they pass the law which may not be fair to some people who can be rehabilitated.

  1. It allows overpopulation in prisons

This makes the prisons be overpopulated as people will be brought in but they are not released hence overcrowding in prisons.

  1. It may not always be an effective way to discourage people

Some people may be willing to be taken to live for imprisonment as they may think that some of their family problems will accompany them to the prison hence leaving their families with the problems.

  1. The high cost of housing the offenders

There will be a high cost of housing the offenders for the rest of their lives and this may make the government spend a lot of money in taking care of the offenders.

  1. It leads to the separation of families

Families are separated from their loved ones and this may make the people feel lonely throughout their lives hence affecting their lives and social life in the future.


Three strike laws should be enhanced is it will discourage the offenders in the society and through this the society will bring up generations that are free from vices and there will be economic development in the whole country at large.

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