14 Top-Rated Pros and Cons of Genetic Modified Food

Genetically modified food is food that is got from a combination of genetic material from different plants to come up with a better plant. The crops are designed in a way that they are resistant to viral infections and they are tolerant towards certain herbicides.

Some crops with higher nutrients have been found of late. Examples of genetically modified food include corn, soya beans, cotton, and potato.

Pros and Cons of Genetic Modified Food

Pros of Genetic Modified Food

  1. It gives food the desired traits

Manufacturers use genetic modification to give the food the desired traits. This makes it possible to have a variety of food in the market hence the consumers are able to choose the ones they would like to have.

  1. It makes crops more resistant to diseases

This makes it possible to have crops that are more resistant to diseases and it becomes less costly on the side of the farmers as they will spend less in the growing of the crops hence investing the money in other fields.

  1. Easy to protect crops

Farmers are able to protect crops that are prone to diseases and this makes them get higher yields irrespective of the diseases that may be prevailing.

  1. Increase in nutritional value

The crops that are designed from genetically modified can have high nutritional value. This makes the crop fetch high prices in the market hence making the farmers get a lot of profit from it.

  1. More access to food

Most consumers will be able to access food as they will be supplied with food throughout. This is because the maturity of the food will not depend on the environmental factors as the crops that are developed will be designed to curb such factors.

  1. It increases crop yields

The farmers are able to enjoy bumper harvest as the other conditions that affect the harvest will be put into consideration hence benefiting the farmers a lot.

  1. Reduction in the cost of food

As the supply of food will be throughout, the cost of food will not rise and this will be more advantageous to the consumers as they will enjoy stable prices of the produce.

  1. Medical benefits

Some food will be produced that have medicinal value. This will benefit the ones that may be a risk of suffering from the diseases and this will make them not to spend much on treating certain diseases.

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Cons of Genetic Modified Food

  1. Allergic reactions

Some of the genetically modified food will cause allergic reactions to human beings making most people avoid using them.

  1. Can lead to the development of cancer

Researchers believe that some genetically modified food can cause the growth of cancerous cells in human beings and the disease has been proved to be deadly. This will discourage most people from using genetically modified food.

  1. Some may cause antibacterial resistance

Some food may make the body of human beings to resist antibiotics and this may cost the human beings a lot in treating the disease.

  1. It may be toxic to human beings

Genetically modified food can turn out to be toxic to the human body hence causing a lot of problems to the body of human beings.

  1. Not scientifically accepted

Some of the foods have not been accepted to be fit to be used by human beings and this may lead the black market which may affect the health of the human beings who consume the food.

  1. Increase in environmental pollution

Some of the crops may need a lot of herbicides for them to grow well and this may increase the use of the chemicals which may affect the environment negatively

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The genetically modified food can solve the problem of overreliance on natural factors such as rain and sunshine and this will lead to the supply of food throughout the year which will make the consumers have access to foodstuffs throughout the year hence no instances of a country experiencing famine. The drawbacks have to be looked into so that human beings consuming the food may not really be affected by the food.

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